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Doctor of Philosophy in Education | Instructional Design and Technology Concentration

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The ID&T program at the Darden College of Education & Professional Studies provides students with a solid grounding in instructional design, cognitive theory and research to meet these challenges. Our wide variety of course offerings is designed to give the graduate a strong background in both the theory and practice of the field. All students will study the following:

  • Instructional Design
  • Instructional Message Design
  • Distance Education
  • Evaluation & Assessment
  • Design of Technology-Mediated Instruction
  • Human Performance Technology
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Research

The ID&T provides the flexibility to pursue individual interests. The rigorous ID&T course of study prepares graduates for a future in instructional technology in a variety of venues.

Graduate Catalog & Degree Requirements

The graduate catlog provides students with admission requirements as well as updated course information.

ID&T Ph.D. Handbook

The PhD Handbook and the Doctoral Plan of Work provide specific details on the program and requirements.

Plan of Work

Students who enter the program in the Fall of 2011 or later must use the New Doctoral Plan of Work. Students admitted prior to Fall 2011 may change to this plan of work. A student who converts from the previous plan of work cannot revert back. The Ph.D. in Education is a minimum of 60 hours beyond the MS degree.

ID&T Core Courses (21 hours)

IDT 801: ID&T Seminar

IDT 849: Instructional Systems Design

IDT 810: Trends and Issues in Contemporary Instructional Design

IDT 860: Cognition and Instruction

IDT 873: Advanced Instructional Design

IDT 851: Computer-Based Multimedia Design

IDT 830: Principles & Practice of Human Performance Technology

Research Core (15 hours)

FOUN 823: Analysis of Variance Applied to Research

FOUND 812: Advanced Research Design and Analysis

FOUN 814: Qualitative Research Design

IDT 825: HUman Performance Assessment

IDT 879: Research Residency

Instructional Design Concentration (9 hours)

Design & Theory

IDT 848: Instructional Product Evaluation

IDT 861: Applied Instructional Design

IDT 863: Instructional Design Theory

IDT 846: Foundations of Distance Education

IDT 864: Instructional Message Design

IDT 888: Internship/Practicum

IDT 842: Task Analysis Methods


IDT 815: Management of Technology Resources in the Classroom

IDT 852: Diffusion/Adoption of Technology Innovations

IDT 856: Instructional Gaming

IDT 855: Theory and Design of Instructional Simulations

IDT 875: Designing Online Instructions

Human Performance Technology

IDT 839: Needs Analysis and Assessment

IDT 837: Consulting Skills for Instructional Designers

IDT 835: Noninstructional Interventions

Capstone Courses (15 hours)

FOUN 881: Dissertation Seminar

SEPS 899 Dissertation

Program Support

For more information about this Ph.D. in Education, Instructional Design & Technology concentration, contact the Instructional Design & Technology graduate program director: