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Master of Library and Information Studies

Connecting Students to Library and Information Professions

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The Master of Library and Information Studies is a 30-credit-hour, asynchronous online degree guided by the principles to:

Equip students with the knowledge, skills and dispositions they will need for careers in a complex information and technology-based society.

Engage students with their communities by providing project-based learning and internships in real-world settings.

Focus on the preparation of culturally responsive librarians who can provide resources and services for increasingly diverse communities for the Commonwealth of Virginia, the nation, and the world.

Connect students to library and information professions.

Our Students Old Dominion University admitted students to the Master of Library and Information Studies degree beginning in Fall 2019 with the first graduates completing in August 2020. The retention rate for students who joined the MLIS in 2019 was 86.5% who continued or graduated from the program. The retention rate for students admitted and enrolled in Fall 2020 was 80%. Reported employment and the average time to degree figures represent cohorts that consisted primarily of part-time graduate students employed as classroom teachers who were seeking endorsement to be school librarians. The time to degree for 2020-2021 MLIS graduates averaged 2.3 years. Employment for 2020 MLIS graduates after one year was 93%.

Message from the Program Director

The faculty and I are delighted to offer the only Master of Library and Information Studies degree in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Old Dominion University has been preparing excellent school librarians for decades and is now ready to prepare professionals for all kinds of library and information workplaces.

Our strengths:

  • Commitment to professional community.
  • Excellent teaching.
  • Flexible and caring faculty and staff.
  • Authentic and practical experiential learning.
  • Appropriate application of social media and technology to teaching and learning.

We understand online teaching and how to accommodate the needs of non-traditional students with busy work and family lives. We have years of experience preparing educators and understand the necessity of information literacy and libraries to the educational infrastructure of a democracy. Our assignments, courses, and program reflect our deeply held values of social justice, professional service, and ethical leadership.

We invite you to join us!

Sue Kimmel,
MLIS Graduate Program Director