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STCSupplemental Instruction (SI)

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Science Tutoring Center

What is "Supplemental Instruction?"

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is free extra studying help for certain courses that have proven difficult. SI is a group study session led by a peer (called an "SI Leader") who has been previously successful in the course and understands the material. SI leaders usually have previously completed the course and try to facilitate group learning to help students learn strategies and concepts that may help them in their classes. SI leaders take notes, talk with the professor and read the text.

Got a question about SI? Email it to stcinfo@odu.edu.

SI Schedules

SI sessions are available by course and scheduled in advance. The SI Schedule will be posted here when it is available. We are currently only offering SI for the following courses:

Become an SI Leader

If you would like to become an SI Leader, please complete the online STC Application.

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"Tutoring has been one of the most enriching experiences in my life. The STC is truly a warm, welcoming and judgement-free atmosphere for all students - whether they are tutees or tutors!"

Arushi Deshpande

Statistics/Biostatistics & Psychology Tutor

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