About the STC

The Science Tutoring Center (STC) offers free tutoring services, supplemental instruction, along with flexible hours to all Monarchs taking sciences classes. Walk-ins are always welcome, and appointments are available both online and in-person, depending on the course and center. Hours of operation vary for each tutoring center.

The STC has 10 tutoring centers across campus, offering support for a wide range of science courses, including:

  • Biological Sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics & Statistics
  • Ocean & Earth Sciences
  • Physics
  • Psychology

Contact Us

Students are encouraged to contact us for any questions concerning our services by emailing the STC at stcinfo@odu.edu. Our dedicated staff monitor this e-mail daily. The STC is here to support you throughout your studies and be part of your formula for success!

Meet the Tutoring Team

Name E-mail Tutoring Subjects
Madison Booth mboot013@odu.edu Biology Tutor & SI Leader
Lauren Moses lmose004@odu.edu Biology Tutor & SI Leader
Jai Myers jmyers011@odu.edu Biology Tutor & SI Leader
Lee Norman lnorm006@odu.edu Biology Tutor & SI Leader
Skylar Sturtz   Biology Tutor & SI Leader
Raymond Tahhan   Biology Tutor & SI Leader
Alexia Wolff   Biology Tutor & SI Leader
Emma Vlcek   Biology Tutor & SI Leader
Vegas Beddar   Chemistry Tutor & SI Leader
Josie Burdin jburd004@odu.edu Chemistry Tutor & SI Leader
Emma Dale   Chemistry Tutor & SI Leader
Morgan Ellis melli019@odu.edu Chemistry Tutor & SI Leader
Victoria Hopper vhopp001@odu.edu Chemistry Tutor & SI Leader
Michael Kipper   Chemistry Tutor & SI Leader
Kaitlyn Pounders kpoun001@odu.edu Chemistry Tutor & SI Leader
Aaron Tenney atenn005@odu.edu Chemistry Tutor & SI Leader
Lane Tong ltong001@odu.edu Chemistry Tutor & SI Leader
Ashar Zahir   Chemistry Tutor & SI Leader
Maddy Grieve   Oceanography Tutor
Rachel Peyton rpeyt002@odu.edu Oceanography Tutor
Alexia Wolff   Oceanography Tutor
Boggs Lia lbogg002@odu.edu Psychology Tutor
Jordan Hughey   Psychology Tutor
John Lokke   Psychology Tutor
Rachel Peyton rpeyt002@odu.edu Psychology Tutor
Emma Rawls   Psychology Tutor
Lacey Schlappi   Psychology Tutor
Bea Serrano   Psychology Tutor
Alayshia Bailey-Lawson abail015@odu.edu Receptionist
Kamal Brooks   Receptionist
Ky'eisha Fields kfiel011@odu.edu Receptionist
Juwan Little jlitt022@odu.edu Receptionist
Christabelle Mensah cmens002@odu.edu Receptionist
STC Logo


Andrea Stephen
Manager, Science Academic Support Services
131A Oceanography & Physical Sciences Building, Norfolk, VA 23529

Hours of Operation

Jan. 16th - Apr. 30th
(Closed for Holidays)

Walk-in hours (No Appointment) & Online Appointments are limited. Hours vary for each location.

Schedule an online appointment
Instructions to sign up online ►

Join Our Team!

Complete the online STC Application to indicate your interest in becoming a tutor or SI (Supplemental Instruction) Leader.

No sign-up is needed to walk in during drop-in hours (hours of operation vary by center). When you walk into the center there is a kiosk where you will select the course you need help with. The receptionist and tutors on site can also help you. Tutors will have name badges to indicate who they are. Some tutoring centers may have their schedule of tutors also posted on the window.

Bring all necessary materials to each tutoring session, including textbooks, class notes, laptop (if you need to work with a particular computer program) and any previous tutoring assignments. Also be sure to attend all classes for the course and take notes during classes.

Prepare for tutoring with questions and completed assignments. Tutors are not able to assist with take-home exams, quizzes and other graded assignments in accordance with the ODU Honor Code.

Science Tutoring Center services are free to all registered ODU students seeking assistance with ODU courses that they are currently enrolled in.

Visit WC Online to sign up for online tutoring appointments. Remember, not all courses offer online tutoring. Check your desired subject to see if online tutoring is available for your course.

For instructions on how to use WC Online to sign up, see our step-by-step guide (includes screenshots).

Tuesday, September 6th through Thursday, Dec 15th. We are closed for Election Day, Fall Break, and all other holidays observed by the university.

Hours vary per center. Please check each center or subject for their hours of operation.

No, the centers close from Sunday, October 9th-Tuesday, October 11th.

No. When the University is closed, we are closed. Please see the ODU Holiday Calendar for a list of holidays officially observed by the University.

You can browse our courses by subject/department. Click on the link for each subject to view courses that are supported.

Praxis CORE Service can be arranged upon request. Please email us at stcinfo@odu.edu to submit a request.

Use this online request form or email us directly at stcinfo@odu.edu and STC staff will follow-up on your request.

Yes, students are encouraged to use all of the services offered by the STC.

The availability of online appointments vs drop-in sessions varies by course. Check your specific course (listed by subject) to see what's available.

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is free extra help to study for courses that have proven difficult. You can think of SI as scheduled peer group study sessions. SI sessions are led by an "SI Leader," which is basically another student who has successfully passed the course and understands the material well enough to help facilitate learning.