The Office of Student Conduct & Academic Integrity (OSCAI) continues to foster a climate of personal and academic integrity that facilitates the success of all University community members. To do so, OSCAI assists students and campus partners with concerns about academic integrity violations, classroom disruption, and any other behavioral misconduct. It is important to remember the Code of Student Conduct applies on and off campus and in a virtual format. To address allegations of misconduct, conduct meetings will occur virtually. OSCAI can be contacted by email,, or by phone, 757-683-3431.

Student Code of Conduct

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Report a Violation

If you need to report an emergency, do not use these forms. Instead, call the Old Dominion University Police at (757) 683-4000, or dial 911. To report a crime anonymously, please visit the ODU Police Report a Crime Webpage .

Report a Student Conduct Violation

Any person may use this form to report a suspected violation of the Code of Student Conduct. The reporting party must provide their name and incident details.

Report a Housing/Residence Life Incident

Students or staff of Housing & Residence Life may use this form to report violations of the Code of Student Conduct that occur in housing.

Report an Academic Integrity Violation

Faculty members who suspect a student may have engaged in an Academic Integrity violation are strongly encouraged to consult with OSCAI staff.

I Received a Letter. What Do I Do?


Read the email and all attached documents promptly and carefully. You may have been accused of a violation, or you could be asked to report as a witness for a hearing. Continue to monitor your ODU email carefully for further communication. Attend any hearings or meetings. Questions or concerns? Email

Student Conduct Violation?

Accused of a student conduct violation? Learn about the process and consider contacting a Conduct Advisor.

Academic Integrity Violation?

Accused of a academic integrity violation? Understand the process before signing a report form.


You will be asked to attend the hearing (in person or via phone) to share your perspective.

Conduct Records Requests

Please submit all Conduct Records Request via email at We do not provide Conduct Records Requests over the phone. All requests must include the following:

  • Request form (government background check, state licensing bar application, graduate school application, etc.)
  • Requesting party's name, contact information, and credentials when applicable
  • Contact information for where to send the completed request

If you have additional questions about Conduct Records Requests, please contact us via email at or via phone at 757-683-3431.