Report a Crime


How to Report a Crime

The University encourages everyone on campus to immediately report crimes and other emergencies to the Old Dominion University Police Department by calling (757) 683-4000. We have also established a number of other ways for campus community members and visitors to report crimes, serious incidents, and other emergencies to appropriate University officials. Regardless of how and where you decide to report these incidents, it is critical for the safety of the entire University community that you immediately report all incidents to the ODUPD at (757) 683-4000 to ensure an effective investigation and appropriate follow-up actions. Your report could be the determining factor in establishing cause for the ODU Police Department to issue a Timely Warning or Emergency Notification to ensure the safety of the entire ODU Community.

Voluntary, Confidential Reporting

If you are the victim of a crime or want to report a crime you are aware of, but do not want to pursue action within the University or criminal justice system, we ask that you consider filing a voluntary, confidential report. Depending upon the circumstances of the crime you are reporting, you may be able file a report while maintaining your confidentiality. The purpose of a confidential report is to comply with your wish to keep your personally identifying information confidential, while taking steps to ensure your safety and the safety of others. The confidential reports allow the University to compile accurate records on the number and types of incidents occurring on campus. Reports filed in this manner are counted and disclosed in the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report. In limited circumstances, the Department may not be able to assure confidentiality and will inform you in those cases.

In certain instances, a crime victim may be reluctant to file a report fearing the "process" and/or loss of his/her anonymity. In such circumstances, crime victims are still encouraged to make a confidential report to one of the designated campus authorities. At minimum, crime victims will receive important counseling and referral information. Confidential reports are important because they provide valuable information that can enhance the safety of the community-at-large and such reports will (at least) provide a more accurate portrait of actual campus crime. (Remember, help is available, all you need to do is ask.)

LiveSafe App – Please Link LiveSafe App - Old Dominion University (

ODU Victim Advocate – 757-683-4111

Counseling Services – 757-683-4401

Student Health Services 757-683-3132