CPTED Principles

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) is a crime prevention method that uses the environment itself to help deter crime. Through CPTED, modification(s) of the environment encourage "desirable behavior and decrease antisocial Criminal" behavior.

  • Surveillance- Old Dominion University utilizes over 1800 cameras on campus for Surveillance and safety. Old Dominion University also utilizes photocell lights to illuminate key areas at night.
  • Territoriality- The Design of landscapes, and sidewalks to display public and private area as a means of showing ownership.
  • Image and aesthetics- Proper maintenance of the grounds and ensuring that the property has curb appeal.
  • Access and Escape Routes- Access Control systems such as card readers for Proxy access. Also including paths for potential victims.
  • Target Hardening- Including the use of fences and high walls can help to strengthen vulnerable areas.


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