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Sections: topographic map from 1891 and a close-up of a Thomas Benton painting


Constitution Day 2022 Forum

ODU Constitution Day 2022 Forum

It is more than law and politics. How does the Constitution shape American society, the way we live and our expectations for the future? The campus community is invited to the forum on Tuesday, September 20th, 12:20-1:30 in Batten Arts & Letters Rm. 1012 (More)


Why Is It Important to Vote?

The 2020 presidential election is already setting records. With just shy of two months to go, presidential campaigns and associated groups have already eclipsed the record fundraising of 2016 by hundreds of millions of dollars. (More)


How American Guns Are Fueling U.K. Crime

"Weapons that don’t matter in the US, because America deals in millions, have an enormous impact in the UK, because of the extraordinary scarcity of handguns there," said Aaron Karp, a lecturer at Old Dominion University. 'How American guns are fueling U.K. crime', New York Times, 12 August 2020 (More)

Michael Allen

ODU Professor Warns of Dangers of Excessive Heat

ODU Professor Dr. Michael Allen says heat kills more people than weather events like hurricanes and tornadoes. He believes heat waves will get longer and more frequent, with a huge impact on health and the environment. (More)