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Topographic Map, 1891

Welcome to the Geography Program at Old Dominion University! With eight full time faculty and one hundred majors, we are a vibrant community specializing in the study of a variety of fields of study, including Geographic Information Science (GIS), Environmental Geography, Human Geography, Regional Geography and Geography Education. Students can specialize in one or more of these areas. Students have the ability to learn in a variety of settings, including within the classroom, collaboration in the lab, and working in the field, on campus and beyond, in traditional settings and internships.

ODU Geography graduates work in a variety of fields and places, both in the public and private sector in Hampton Roads, throughout Virginia and around the world. Recent graduates have worked at places as diverse as the International Atomic Energy Agency, NASA, National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, Google Maps, local planning agencies, and as K-12 educators. In addition, many of our students have gone on to pursue graduate degrees at universities across the country.

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