Inclement Weather and Emergencies

In the event of inclement weather or emergencies that may affect the operation of the University, the ODU Office of Strategic Communication and Marketing is responsible for informing students, faculty, and staff of a decision to close the University.

Delays or closings will be primarily announced by:

  • ODU Alerts, the University's messaging system
  •, the University website homepage
  • Email notification

Additionally, local newspapers, radio stations and television stations will be informed immediately, and the University operations status will be updated on The Alert will communicate specifics about any operations and services that may remain open as well as events that may or may not be held as applicable. Areas that may remain open on a full or limited basis during a closure will be contacted as soon as possible.

University Policy 1020: Inclement Weather and Emergencies

Policy 1020 details the notification procedure and other closure info regarding:

  • Guidelines for Making Up Classes After a Closure or Multiple Closures of the University
  • Technology-Delivered Instruction
  • Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Children's Learning and Research Center
  • Designated Facilities to Remain Open During a University Closure
  • Designated Personnel
  • Leave and Compensation for Designated & Non-Designated Personnel
  • Telework & more