Strengthen Your Dominion: Organization Development

Customized Training Based on Your Team's Unique Needs

Organization Development (OD) is a series of planned processes by which human resources are identified, utilized, and developed in ways that strengthen organizational effectiveness. Organization development expands people's ideas, beliefs, and behaviors so that they can apply new approaches to old problems. Generally, these changed efforts go beyond employee-training interventions and concentrate on the department or organization.

When is organization development successful?

Organization development is most effective when:

  • At least one key decision maker in the organization perceives a need for change, and top managers do not actively oppose change.
  • The perceived need or problem is caused, in whole or in part, by conditions in the work environment, such as relations between or among individuals or intact work groups.
  • Managers in the organization are willing to commit to long-term improvement.
  • Managers and employees are willing to listen with open minds to the key assumptions of O.D. as articulated by an O.D. consultant.
  • Some trust and cooperation exist in the organization.
  • Top management is willing to provide the resources necessary to support the O.D. initiative.

Areas of Organization Development:

Strategic Development

Improving or establishing organizational goals, objectives, or direction.

Group Processes

Focusing attention on how individuals or groups interact.

Process Improvement

Changing processes to help your team perform more efficiently and effectively.

Change Management

Equipping and supporting groups by adopting successful change outcomes and transitions.

Conflict Resolution

Reducing destructive conflict and dysfunction amongst team members.

Team Development

Increasing cohesiveness, cooperation, and collaboration across the team.

Organizational Assessments

Collecting and reporting data to create action plans for improvement.


Improving working conditions and increasing team participation.

Need Organization Development?

Since Organization Development (OD) is customized for your department or team, based on your unique challenges and needs, it is only available upon request. Contact the Organization Development Training Consultant (Debbie Howe) for questions or more information.

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