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Banner Finance & Budget

During this video training session, participants will learn how to access and interpret budget information in Banner; learn the forms that allow departments to do internal financial reporting; check available balances (and understand why discrepancies can occur); identify Banner transaction codes; research invoices; determine if a vendor is in ODU's vendor table; check base budget information; and learn about tools associated with monitoring your budgets.

Audience: Individuals responsible for monitoring departmental budgets.

Prerequisite: Banner Basics handout review

All Banner-related questions should be directed to the Banner Hotline at bannerhotline@odu.edu.

Visit the Banner Financial Access page for more information on requesting a Banner Account. For a complete list of all Banner Finance Accesses available, visit the ITS Finance Access page.

Training Materials

  • It is recommended that you read and review the training materials located under the Banner Basics link prior to taking this class!
  • Download your training materials if you would like to follow along and make notes on the materials. No materials are provided in class.
  • You may want to number your handouts (i.e., Handout #1 would be Banner Internal Financial Reporting: Form Guide)
  1. Banner Internal Financial Reporting: Form Guide - revised March, 2017
  2. FGIBAVL: Checking Available Balance - revised May, 2018
  3. FGIBDST: Checking My Budget - revised May, 2018
  4. Identifying AP & Encumbrance Transaction Codes - revised March, 2017
  5. Identifying AR, Budget, General Accounting, & Payroll Transaction Codes - revised March, 2017
  6. FAIINVE: Reviewing Invoice Information - revised May, 2018
  7. FOIDOCH: Researching an Invoice Using the Banner Invoice Number - revised May, 2018
  8. FGIDOCR: Viewing Transaction Date, Description, & Amounts for All Processed Transactions - revised May, 2018
  9. FAIVNDH: Researching an Invoice Using Vendor History - revised May, 2018
  10. FTIIDEN: Finding a Vendor Number - revised May, 2018
  11. FBIBUDG: Checking Your Base Budget? - revised May, 2018
  12. Downloading Budget Information from Banner - revised May, 2018
  13. BDM: Viewing Invoices via Banner Document Management - revised June, 2021
  14. FGIOPAL: Reviewing & Exporting Budget Detail Information - Created September, 2022