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University Policy 1600

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Handbook and paperwork for the newly hired.

Old Dominion University

University Policy

1600 Solicitation Policy for Employees and Vendors

Responsible Oversight Executive: University Counsel
Date of Current Revision or Creation: May 17, 2017
  1. Purpose

    The purpose of this policy is to limit commercial solicitation of the University community, creating an atmosphere conducive for community members to carry out the educational purpose of the University.

  2. Authority

    Code of Virginia Section 23.1-1301, as amended, grants authority to the Board of Visitors to make rules and policies concerning the institution. Section 6.01(a)(6) of the Board of Visitors Bylaws grants authority to the President to implement the policies and procedures of the Board relating to University operations.

    Code of Virginia Section 33.2-802, as amended

    Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Regulations

    University Policy 3200 - Use of Facilities and Grounds

    University Policy 3500 - Use of Computing Resources

    University Policy 4100 - Student Record Policy

  3. Definitions

    Solicitation - Selling or promoting products, goods, or services, seeking contributions or pledges and conducting membership drives for non-University affiliated organizations on campus or by use of a campus directory.

  4. Scope

    This policy applies to all employees, volunteers, employees of affiliated organizations who are paid by the University, and visitors to the institution. Employees include staff, administrators, faculty, full-time or part-time, and classified or non-classified persons who are paid by the University. Affiliated organizations are separate entities that exist for the benefit of the University through an operating agreement and include the Foundations, the Community Development Corporation, and the Alumni Association. Visitors include vendors and their employees, parents of students, volunteers, guests, uninvited guests and all other persons located on property owned, leased, or otherwise controlled by the University.

  5. Policy Statement

    Use of employee and student directories for the purpose of solicitation is prohibited unless otherwise approved by the President (such as, but not limited to, the University's Dominion Fund Campus Community Campaign and the State Employees' Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign.)

    Solicitation in the form of flyers, advertisements or other items placed on motor vehicles located in parking spaces owned or controlled by the University is prohibited.

    This policy does not apply to job fairs, benefit fairs or other instances in which the University invites the solicitation.

  6. Procedures

    1. Persons found to be using employee or student directories for the purpose of solicitation should be reported to department heads or managers.

      1. The department head or manager is responsible for determining whether such person is authorized by the President to solicit.

      2. If not authorized, the department head or manager shall inform such person of this policy and advise them that failure to cease may result in appropriate action again the offender. If the offender is an employee, such action may include discipline in accordance with appropriate University policies.

    2. Persons observed placing solicitations in the form of flyers, advertisements or other items on motor vehicles located in parking spaces owned or controlled by the University should be reported to the Old Dominion University Police Department.

    3. In instances where there is a repeated disregard by an individual to instructions concerning this policy, the Office of University Counsel should be consulted.

    4. Sales representatives or vendors dealing in University supplies, equipment, or services may conduct business when invited by a University employee. University employees are encouraged to provide such invitation in writing.

  7. Records Retention

    Applicable records must be retained and then destroyed in compliance with the Commonwealth's Records Retention and Disposition Schedules.

  8. Responsible Officer

    Associate University Counsel

  9. Related Information

    Board of Visitors Policy 1450 - Faculty Sanctions

    University Policy 6600 - Standards of Conduct for Classified Employees

    Information Technology Standard 09.1.0 - Acceptable Use Standard

    Information Technology Standard 10.1.0 - Disciplinary Action Standard

    Information Technology Standard 11.2.0 - Student Email Standard

    Disciplinary Actions for AP Faculty

    University FERPA Statement

    Student Organization Handbook

Policy History

Policy Formulation Committee (PFC) & Responsible Officer Approval to Proceed:

/s/ James D. Wright
Responsible Officer Signature
May 1, 2017

Policy Review Committee (PRC) Approval to Proceed:

/s/ Donna W. Meeks
Chair, Policy Review Committee (PRC)
March 14, 2017

Executive Policy Review Committee (EPRC) Approval to Proceed:

/s/ R. Earl Nance
Responsible Oversight Executive Signature
May 1, 2017

University Counsel Approval to Proceed:

/s/ R. Earl Nance
University Counsel
May 1, 2017

Presidential Approval:

/s/ John R. Broderick
May 17, 2017

Previous Revisions

February 1, 1993; June 16, 2003; September 11, 2003; August 1, 2007; September 2, 2008; May 17, 2017

Scheduled Review Date

May 22, 2017