Instructional Laboratories

Safety First

Safety is our priority in every Laboratory! Please read the guidelines on our Laboratory Safety page before the start of the semester. 

Collaborative Learning Environment Laboratory

Established to provide a space for collaboration, hands-on learning, and tutoring of undergraduate MAE students by highly qualified graduate MAE students.

Computer-Aided Engineering Laboratory

Experience the product development process by modeling a design concept and analyzing the performance of the product for future modifications and evaluation.

Controls Laboratory

An instructional laboratory dedicated to the subject of controls and automation.

Design Laboratory

The work conducted in this lab focuses on design, analysis, and stimulation.

ODU Motorsports Laboratory

Machinery and equipment needed for drilling, grinding, and cutting. Home of the ODU FSAE & Mini Baja.

Solid Mechanics Laboratory

Equipped with a computerized data acquisition system for recording and data analysis.

Experimental Mechanics & Composite Materials

Houses transmission and reflection polariscopes, an MTS material testing system with data acquisition facilities for low and high-temperature testing of materials, and a dark room for photography. 

Manufacturing & Automation Laboratory

Houses a variety of automated manufacturing equipment including computer numerical control machines, robots, machines visions systems, coordinate measuring machines, and abrasive jet equipment. 

Materials Science Laboratory

Designed to facilitate the study of various aspects of structure, ranging from atomic considerations to those, which can be observed by the unaided eye. 

Thermo-Fluids Laboratory

Provides knowledge about various aspects of fluid and thermal measurement techniques. 

Unmanned & Autonomous Vehicle Laboratory

Provides a workspace and tools for two major undergraduate competitions, SAE Aero Design East and AUVSI RoboBoat. In addition, the laboratory is used for the design and support of air and surface vehicles used for graduate research projects.