Classes & Research Supported

  • Undergraduate Senior design projects (MAE 434W and 435)

  • Graduate research projects.

Directed by Sebastian Bawab

Rapid Prototyping Machine with Computer

The Design Laboratory is equipped for undergraduate teaching, research, and for graduate student research. The work conducted in this lab focuses on design, analysis, and stimulation. Computer analysis can determine the stresses, strains, structural integrity, and fatigue life of components and machinery. This information can then be used to optimize the mechanical designs, increased safety margins, reduce weight, control vibrations, and extend component life.

The main function of this laboratory has been to support senior undergraduate students who work on senior capstone design projects and graduate students. Projects in need of software applications are typically hosted in this laboratory. The laboratory has six computers and a Linux server. The Linux server is available to senior students working on their capstone projects. Student project websites and archived documents for the capstone projects are hosted and available for access to students 24/7. In addition, the laboratory hosts a FARO Platinum arm and a StrataSys 3D printer. The Faro Arm 3D digitizer/modeler can scan an object and digitize its structure into a computer model for design analysis.


  • 6 PC's

  • 1 color laser printer

  • 1 full-size plotter

  • FARO arm 3d digitizer modeler

  • 3D printer for rapid prototyping


  • Solid Works

  • Cosmos

  • Patran/Nastran

  • MADYMO (Dynamic stimulation including FEA)

  • EastCrash

  • HyperWorks

  • FARO software

  • AutoCAD/Mechanical Desktop

Description of Resources Accessed by Industry

General design and computer access.


Interested in using the Design Laboratory? Contact Sebastian Bawab.