Experimental Mechanics & Composite Materials Lab

Directed by Dr. Ramamuthy Prabhakaran

The Experimental and Mechanics and Composite Materials Laboratory is a graduate teaching and research laboratory. The lab houses transmission and reflection polariscopes, an MTS material testing system with data acquisition facilities for low and high-temperature testing of materials, and a dark room for photography. The lab also has facilities for composites-related work, such as a diamond saw, acid digestion, and moisture absorption.

Lab Capabilities:

  • Composite Material testing

  • Cutting Composites

  • Transmission and Reflection Photoelastic Tests

  • Developing and Printing Photographic Negatives

Lab Facilities:

  • Electrohydraulic Testing Machine

  • Transmission Polariscope

  • Diamond Saw (water cooled)

  • Dark Room (for photographic work)


Interested in using the Experimental Mechanics & Composite Materials Laboratory? Contact Dr. Ramamuthy Prabhakaran.