Hydrogen Energy Laboratory

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The Hydrogen Energy Laboratory (HEL) is engaged in building a sustainable energy future. We focus on innovative research topics in renewable energy, including fuel cells, sustainable hydrogen production, solar-to-fuel synthesis, biomass upgrading, and applications in microfluidic devices. We closely collaborate with the Idaho National Laboratory and regional energy industries for research & development of novel renewable energy systems.

Our research interests are:

  • High-temperature Electrolysis
  • Solar Hydrogen Production
  • Reversible Solid Oxide Fuel Cell
  • Lightweight Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell
  • Microfluidic Energy Devices
  • 3D Ceramics Printing
  • Solar Desalination
  • Molten Salt Energy Storage

Explore Our Research

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The lab has many facilities that allow students to do research on cell fabrication & assembly, material characterization, and performance testing. Students have access to a fuel cell test station, Agilent data acquisition system, Shimadzu gas chromatograph, high-temperature sintering furnace (1700 oC), high-temperature tubular furnace (1100 oC), spin coater, grinder & polisher, glove box, and optical microscope.