Solid Mechanics Lab

Directed by Dr. Ramamurthy Prabhakaran

The Solid Mechanics Laboratory houses several machines for measuring the mechanical properties of a variety of materials. It is equipped with a computerized data acquisition system for recording and data analysis. Recent additions are experiments in non-destructive material and composite evaluation.

  • Food and drinks are strictly prohibited.
  • Safety glasses/goggles must be worn when instructed.
  • No open-toed shoes, jewelry, or loose clothing may be worn inside the lab. Long hair must be tied into a bun and covered with a hair net if any machinery is operated.
  • Please maintain a tidy workspace and clean the machines after use.
  • Report any damaged equipment, leaks, or malfunctions to the lab coordinator.
  • Each student should conduct himself or herself in a manner that ensures the safety of all group members at all times.
  • Do not operate any machine without permission from the instructor.
  • Handle broken specimens carefully; they may have sharp edges.
  • ODU Lab Safety Rules, MSDS forms, and Accident Report forms can be found in the laboratory documents binder or online.
  • A First Aid Kit is located inside the lab. When needed, please utilize the kit and immediately contact lab coordinator Amit Kulkarni at 757-362-4807 or email at
  • For serious injuries and emergencies, please call 911 or ODU Campus Police at 757-683-4000.
  • To contact the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Dept. call 757-683-6363.
  • For questions on safety and training certifications, please contact Kelvin Colvin at 757-683-4592 or email at

Lab Capabilities:

  • Tensile Tests

  • Compression Tests

  • Torsion Tests

  • Bending Tests

  • Measurement of Material Properties

Lab Facilities:

  • Universal Testing Machine (MTS)

  • Torsion Twisting Machine

  • Benestop Testing Machines

  • Strain Indicators

  • Other Instruments


Interested in the Solid Mechanics Laboratory? Contact Dr. Ramamurthy Prabhakaran.