Collaborative Learning Environment Lab

Hands-On-Learning Space for Undergraduates

CLE Laboratory First Day

MAE undergraduates being tutored in CLE Lab.

Collaborative Learning Environment Laboratory (CLE-Lab), located in Kaufman Hall Room 249, is established to provide a space for collaboration, hands-on learning, and tutoring of undergraduate MAE students by a group of highly qualified graduate MAE students.

Tutoring: A majority of the Mechanical Engineering courses will be covered: MAE 201, MAE 204, MAE 205, MAE 220, MAE 303, MAE 311, MAE 312, MAE 315, MAE 332, MAE 340, MAE 433, MAE 436.

Collaboration: Several round tables and open access to all ME undergraduate and graduate students.

Hands-On Learning: Several multi-functional rapid prototyping and scanning "3D-Printers" will be available to all ME students.