Banner Sub Codes

The links below have the full listing of the sub-account codes for expenditures, transfer payments, and revenues to be used in the budget process and as a reference document throughout the year.

The BANNER and Commonwealth Cardinal System codes is a detailed listing of the account and sub-account codes for expenditures and transfer payments. It is for use in identifying a category of expense or transfer payment in the budget process and later.

The Revenue Codes contain listings of revenue account and sub-account codes. It provides the codes in numerical order with a short descriptive title of the type of revenue. It also provides interface information to the Commonwealth Accounting and Reporting System (Cardinal System) revenue source codes. The interface information is for those individuals that work with the Commonwealth codes.

In selecting the appropriate code, please be sure to select a code that applies to your budget unit. For example, if the budget unit is Commonwealth E&G funded (Budget code begins with a 1), you must select from the list that applies to Ledger 1. Further, if the budget unit is Auxiliary Enterprise funded (Budget code begins with a 3 or 4), you must select the code that applies to the function of the budget unit. For example, there are two codes for miscellaneous income; 3900 is for miscellaneous income earned by non-Athletic units and 3905 is for miscellaneous income earned by Athletic units.

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