LGBTQIA+ Scholarships and Opportunities

Scholarship Opportunities

LGBTQIA+ Scholarship Guide

Students who belong to the LGBTQIA+ community face a variety of obstacles that includes lack of familial support, high demands on college expenses, and fears of selecting a gender while filling out FAFSA. Earning a scholarship can significantly mitigate these concerns.

LGBTQIA+ scholarships have been made available from various public and private organizations including the Human Rights Campaign, Campus Pride, and more. Some are open to all LGBTQIA+ students, whereas others are designated for members of specific subgroups (e.g., transgender individuals). has created a comprehensive list of these scholarships, which can be viewed by accessing the link below! Learn More>

Nursing Scholarships

Nurses are an integral part of our society. They provide invaluable care and support to a wide range of individuals from many different backgrounds. As such, representation in the nursing field is incredibly important. Many aspiring LGBTQIA+ nurses face social obstacles in their pursuit of education, and financial setbacks should not be one of them.

With this in mind, the team at has compiled a database of valuable LGBTQIA+ nursing scholarships for ODU students. Click the link below to find out more! Learn More>

Student Employment and Research

Graduate Assistant Position: LGBTQIA+ Initiatives

The Graduate Assistant for LGBTQIA+ Initiatives coordinates educational programming and services through the Office of Intercultural Relations for Student Engagement & Enrollment Services (SEES). The GA assists in trainings, workshops, events, and community development for the LGBTQIA+/Queer community at ODU.

For more information please contact Andrew Garber, Coordinator for LGBTQIA+ Initiatives at (757) 683- 2448. Position Description >

Health, Behavior, and Technology (HaBiT) Lab

Dr. Kristin Heron from the ODU department of psychology is currently looking for individuals who are interested in serving as undergraduate research assistants (RAs) for the HaBiT Lab.

Dr. Heron and her students conduct research broadly related to physical health, mental health, and behavior. Several of the studies that RAs would work on focus on the health and well-being of people within the LGBTQIA+ community. Click the link below to find out more! Habit Lab Information >

Career Resources

The following is a list of websites and organizations that focus on connecting members of the LGBTQIA+ community with companies and employers who value diversity and inclusion in the workplace.