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This page is designed for ODU employees in the event a student comes to them for help or discloses to them. As an employee, you are uniquely positioned to offer students guidance and help. When a student chooses to confide, how you respond can make all the difference. Here are suggestions for helping:

1) Inform the student of your obligation to report all incidents of sexual assault, dating/domestic violence and stalking to the Title IX Coordinator. If they wish to access confidential support services direct them to the ODU Victim Advocate, the Office of Counseling Services or Student Health Center.

2) Listen with empathy: Listening is the single most important thing that you can do. No one deserves to be the victim of violence or abuse, regardless of the circumstances. Let the victim know they are not to blame if someone hurts them. Avoid asking questions that imply fault, such as "How much were you drinking?" or "Why didn't you call the police?" Instead, say something simple and kind, like: "I'm sorry this happened to you" or "Thank you for telling me."

3) Know where to refer a victim for further help: Educate yourself on the resources available both on and off campus and which offices or personnel to contact in certain situations. Ask the student questions such as "Would you like to see a nurse or doctor?" or "Are you interested in talking with someone at the Women's Center about support services?" If they are not ready to speak with someone, do not push them. Let the student know you are there to help them further with resources when they are ready.

4) Follow-up with the student: If you have the student's contact information you can send them a quick message, "I was thinking about the conversation we had the other day. How are you doing?" Following up with the student will let them know you are there for further help and support.

For more information on how to help a student go to: http://www.nsvrc.org/sites/default/files/saam_2015_action-steps-faculty-and-staff.pdf