Confidential Victim Advocate

Walk-ins are welcome Monday-Friday 8AM to 5PM with the exception of noon to 1 PM. To schedule an appointment call 757-683-4111 or email
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What is Confidential Victim Advocate?

The ODU Confidential Victim Advocate is a professional trained to support victims of Interpersonal violence such as sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, and stalking and other forms of abuse. The Confidential Victim Advocate offers victims information, support, and help finding resources.

The Confidential Victim Advocate may also contact campus and community services, such as Student Outreach and Support (SOS), the YWCA, or other social service agencies, to get help or information for victims.

If You Are A Victim...

It may be difficult for you to reach out for help. However, you may find that the confidential victim advocate can offer you information, support, and access to helpful services you might not know about. Many victims/survivors are often relieved to know all of the options available to make sure they are safe and have the help they need to recover from the impact of the crime.

Additional Services
  • Providing information about campus and community resources
  • Providing information about reporting options
  • Providing information on victimization
  • Providing information on crime prevention
  • Providing emotional support to victims
  • Helping victims with safety planning
  • Helping victims find shelter and transportation
  • Providing referrals for other services for victims