Gender Inclusivity on Campus

Gender Inclusive Restrooms

Using the restroom is an integral part of our everyday lives. Unfortunately, this can often be a nerve-inducing experience for gender diverse individuals. As part of the ongoing effort to promote safety and inclusion, Old Dominion University has established a number of gender-inclusive restrooms on campus. These restrooms are located in most Old Dominion University facilities, and can be found by accessing the virtual campus map (click button below and select gender-neutral restroom icon).

Gender Inclusive (Universal) Restrooms on Campus:

Spong Hall - First Floor (1)

Alumni Center - First Floor (2)

Perry Library - First Floor (2)

Diehn Hall - First Floor (1)

Recreation and Wellness Center - First Floor (1), Second Floor (1)

Batten Arts & Letters (BAL) - Second Floor (3), Third Floor (2)

Darden College of Education and Professional Studies - First Floor (1), Third Floor (1), Fifth Floor (2)

Dragas Hall - Second Floor (1)

Chemistry Building - First Floor (1)

Oceanography and Physics Building - First Floor (3)

Jarrett Athletic Administration Building - First Floor (2)

Webb Center - First Floor (1)

University Theater - First Floor (1)

Barry Arts Building - First Floor (2)

Monarch Hall - First Floor (1)

Broderick Dining Commons (1)

Goode Theater (1)

ODU Police Department

Most of the lobbies on the first floor of the residence halls

*Number in parenthesis indicates the number of restrooms.

Gender Inclusive Housing

Spectrum Living & Learning Community

This community is designed for all ODU students who wish to live in and advocate for a safe environment for gender identity and expression, as well as for students who demonstrate they are allies for LGBTQ+ issues. Returning students to the community are required to maintain at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA.

NOTE: This community does not assign rooms based on sex/gender assigned at birth/gender marker. By agreeing to live in this community, you agree to potentially be assigned a room with students of a different birth gender

Upper-Class Housing

Gender Inclusive Housing is an option in which upper-class students may elect to share an apartment/suite regardless of sex, gender or gender expression. Gender Inclusive Housing is voluntary; no student will be assigned to a Gender Inclusive unit unless they have opted to be a part of a Gender Inclusive living space.

All students entering into a Gender Inclusive Housing option must carefully read and understand the expectations listed below. Gender Inclusive Housing is not intended for and is highly discouraged for romantic couples.


  • Individuals must be willing to be placed with others regardless of gender.
  • All apartment/suite-mates must be at least 18 years of age at the time of application.
  • All apartment/suite-mates must be upper-class students and be eligible for on campus housing.
  • All students must have a completed Housing Application.
  • All apartment/suite-mates must sign the Gender Inclusive Housing Terms & Conditions Addendum.

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