Student Enrollment, Engagement & Services (SEES) will be the pre-eminent model for engaging every student to achieve success.


As a student-centered educational partner, Student Enrollment, Engagement & Services impacts the learning environment through an innovative signature experience that seamlessly connects recruitment, engagement, active learning, and student success.

  • Enrollment: Manage dynamic recruitment and retention practices that facilitate student success.
  • Engagement: Offer multidimensional engagement opportunities aimed to cultivate a sense of belonging, positive social-emotional well-being, and leadership skills.
  • Inclusion: Lead through evidenced-based, educative, and transformative diversity, equity, and inclusion programming and initiatives that support a vibrant and inclusive campus community.
  • Learning: Design intentional student opportunities to promote learning through leadership, well-being, and experiential learning.
  • Student Success: Provide a learning experience that promotes progression through graduation and prepares students for success in their personal, civic, and professional lives.

Our Community, where Inclusiveness is Intuitive

The Division of Student Enrollment, Engagement & Services values the uniqueness of our Monarch community. The word "engagement" reflects our commitment to embrace the differences in our cultural backgrounds, perceptions, beliefs, traditions, world views, socio-economic status, cognitive and physical abilities.

We will strive to serve as the pre-eminent model for engaging every student to achieve their own success. Our core values are fueled by our responsibility and actions toward community development and engagement, cultural competence and understanding, physical and mental wellness and inclusion for every member of ODU. We will embrace our greatest strength - the diverse composition of our student body and workforce.

To Cultivate an Environment of Diversity and Inclusion ...

  • We will commit to sustaining an equitable learning and working environment that welcomes the voices, experiences and cultural diversity that our students, staff, faculty and alumnus bring to ODU.

  • We will champion the development of a care-oriented environment that supports students, faculty, and staff in understanding the social fluctuations of our local, national, and global societies by providing space for dialogue and support resources to stimulate personal growth, inspire adaptation to change, and promote a positive and successful learning experience.

  • We will actively engage students by offering programs and opportunities that foster inter/intrapersonal skill development, meaningful cross-cultural relationships, and awareness of global cultures, issues, and events.

  • We will create an educational setting that affirms the individual identity and intersectionality of our Monarch community and generates opportunities for diverse populations to learn from each other and expand their emotional awareness.

  • We will nurture a culture of personal and professional development by investing in staff training opportunities to increase cultural awareness and competencies.

  • We will support a diverse and inclusive array of student organizations that cultivate leadership and inclusion, empower self-governance and encourage intrapersonal cultural exploration.

  • We will develop and advance leaders across our workforce and student body where diverse voices are celebrated and everyone is included, valued, and empowered.

  • We will assess hiring practices, performance review procedures, and succession planning to attract, retain, and develop talented faculty and staff from diverse backgrounds.

  • We will actively recruit a diverse student body to enhance every aspect of the educational experience.

  • We will foster an environment of openness to engage offices, departments, and divisions across the campus community.

  • We will commit to engage in ongoing dialogue to respond with agility and cultural relevance to our changing and interconnected world.

Assessment & Planning

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