Mission Statement

The mission of Assessment & Planning for Student Engagement & Enrollment Services (SEES) is to promote a culture of evidence-based decision-making that improves student learning, programming and services, and overall campus climate, through providing quality assessment support and expertise for all SEES units.

Vision Statement

To foster students' learning, development, and experiences by empowering evidence-based decisions that enhance and improve SEES programming and services.

As a result of consultation and/or collaboration with Assessment & Planning for SEES, division staff will...

  • Develop sustainable assessment plans that provide information about student learning and division-wide initiatives.
  • Use assessment results and supplemental data gathering and analyses to make evidence-based decisions to improve programs and services.
  • Increase professional knowledge pertaining to evidence-based decision-making.

Assessment & Planning for SEES is committed to ODU's diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives and embraces the differences within our Monarch community. We strive to improve learning outcomes for all students by promoting expanded data collection efforts that recognize the diversity of student identities, exploring novel methodologies that challenge convention, and acknowledging how our worldviews may influence the research process.

Assessment & Accreditation Resources

SEES Engagement Dashboard

A portal for submitting program, event, and service data.

CAS Program Review

The Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education review process.

Assessment Cycle

The cycle establishes a framework for feedback, evaluation, and enhancement.

Assessment Consulting

Schedule a consultation to assist you with assessing student learning, development, and more. 

Assessment Toolbox

Faculty and staff resources for assessment best practices. 

Administrative Assessment

Resources to assist faculty and staff with department-level development.