Have you heard the news? The Monarch Internship and Co-Op office is now open in 1000 Webb Center, Monday - Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.  

The new Monarch Internship and Co-Op Office (MICO) marks an important milestone for ODU as we aim to strengthen work-based learning and enhance our engagement with the Old Dominion University community. The office will serve as a hub for innovation, collaboration, and a platform to build lasting connections between our team and the talented students and faculty on campus along with community stakeholders. 

Goals & Objectives

Internship Opportunities: With the office being conveniently located on campus at 1000 Webb Center, we will be able to offer exciting internship programs and a dedicated office for student and faculty support.  

Access to Resources: Whether it is mentorship, industry insights, or access to expertise, our office will be a resourceful destination for undergraduates, graduate students and lifelong learning/certificate seekers looking for professional growth through work-based learning. 

Engaging Events: We plan to host a series of ongoing events, workshops, and talks that will provide insights into various internships, co-ops, practicums, and externships. These events will be open to all students and will offer a unique opportunity to learn from industry experts. 

The Monarch Internship and Co-Op office serves as a bridge between the university and the business community, facilitating mutually beneficial partnerships. Employers from throughout Virginia, the United State and around the world can contact this offer to establish an internship program for their organizations.  

Here are some key services the Internship Office provides for employers: 

Access to Talent: The Internship and Co-Op Office connects employers with a diverse pool of qualified and motivated students from various disciplines and ODU majors. This access to emerging talent helps organizations find candidates who align with their industry requirements. 

Customized Matching: The office employs a personalized matching process to connect employers with students who possess the right skills, qualifications, and interests for the available internship positions. 

Ongoing Support and Communication: The office maintains open lines of communication throughout the internship, addressing any concerns or issues that may arise and facilitating regular check-ins between employers, interns, and university faculty. 

Professional Development Opportunities: Employers can collaborate with the Internship Office to organize workshops, seminars, and networking events, providing interns with opportunities to enhance their professional skills and expand their industry knowledge. 

Feedback and Evaluation: The office encourages feedback from employers on interns' performance, helping students to develop essential skills and behaviors, while also allowing employers to assess potential long-term hires. 

Integration of Theory and Practice: The Internship Office helps faculty members integrate practical experiences into their curriculum by connecting classroom learning to real-world applications. This collaboration enriches students' understanding of concepts by demonstrating their relevance in professional settings. 

Faculty-Student Collaboration: The office encourages faculty to collaborate with students participating in internships, allowing for mentorship, guidance, and academic support during their practical experiences. 

Feedback Loop: The office facilitates communication between faculty and employers, enabling faculty to receive feedback on students' performance, strengths, and areas for improvement. This feedback informs future curriculum enhancements. 

Research Opportunities: Collaborating with the office can lead to research partnerships between faculty and industry, enabling academic exploration of practical challenges and solutions faced by different types of organizations

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