Organizational Charter


To provide a welcoming environment which encourages individuals at all stages of their career to reach their full professional and personal potential by taking advantage of in-person and virtual networking opportunities, learning from and inspiring one another, and by fostering open dialogue about the unique challenges and issues faced by marginalized genders in technical fields.

Mission Statement

To promote diversity and inclusivity with specific efforts focused on recruitment, retention, and leadership development.


I. Build a foundation for a sustainable program

  1. Program structure/charter
  2. Marketing/Branding
  3. Website

II. Initiate departmental culture change

  1. Develop Allies
  2. Increase Awareness
  3. Increase Self-Advocacy
  4. Participate in policy and strategy discussions

III. Promote personal and professional development

  1. Leadership Skills
  2. Communication Skills
  3. Training/Education Opportunities

IV. Provide professional networking and social support

  1. Develop cross-department connections
  2. Relationship/team building
  3. Support for navigating conflict
  4. Build an external network of WIT affiliates/allies

V. Recognize the achievements of women in IT

  1. Monthly spotlight on the webpage


WIT@ODU is open to any individuals at ODU who wish to uphold the mission and goals of the organization. A committee, selected by participants from a pool of volunteers, will represent the organization and its members.

Duration and Time Commitment

The duration of this charter shall coincide with the calendar year, with the committee serving a term of two calendar years. Towards the end of every second year, the committee and committee-elect shall reaffirm the charter with any desired changes for the coming term.

Committee members shall meet once per month with additional meetings as necessary to develop and coordinate monthly events. Networking and development events shall take place as needed.

Efforts to accomplish tasks may be scheduled during working hours as time permits though after-hours may be necessary during busy periods. During work hours, position assigned tasks take priority.


The group is open to anyone at ODU who works in a technology-related position and who is willing to foster open dialogue about the unique challenges and issues faced by marginalized genders in technical fields.

WIT@ODU is not a part of the ITS organizational structure and is not an avenue for official resolution. As per University Policy 6602, members are encouraged to consult with their immediate supervisors, upper management, and ODU Human Resources for official action.

Reporting Plan

The committee shall meet with the ITS CIO on a monthly basis unless otherwise dictated by the CIO. Planned events shall be shared with the CIO and approval shall be sought when needed for events requiring resources outside of the individuals involved.

An annual report of the year's activities and measurable success shall be created and shared with the CIO each year.


WIT will host events throughout the year which focus on themes or areas of improvement. They may relate to development of business and professional skills, such as communication, conflict resolution, relationship building, or diversity and inclusion training.

Monthly WIT+ meetings will provide brief opportunities for members to meet for networking and support or small themed working sessions where skills can be developed.

WIT may also work on special projects throughout the year to provide products and/or information which support our mission.



Women + Allies in Tech