In-State Tuition

Code of Virginia

Due to the complexity of the law, students are advised to not make assumptions or rely on information from anyone not directly responsible for administering the policy.

Reduced tuition charges are subsidized by the taxpayers of Virginia. Effective October 1, 2016, eligibility is governed by Section 23-1-500--510 of the Code of Virginia. The University makes its decisions according to the applicable state law, guidelines specific to that law, and within procedures developed to conform with requirements of law. Copies of University procedures and the State law are available in the Reserve department of the University Libraries. The state code is also available at the SCHEV website and Code of Virginia website.

In-State Eligibility

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Generally, the residency classification is determined when you apply for admission.

To be eligible for in-state status:

  • Virginia must be your present, fixed home to which you return following temporary absences, and where you intend to stay and live indefinitely.
  • Your primary purpose in moving to Virginia must have been to establish yourself as a resident of Virginia. Residence or physical presence in Virginia primarily to attend the University does NOT entitle you to in-state tuition rates.
  • Residence must have been continuous for 365 days preceding the first day of classes.
  • Students must apply for in-state tuition rates in order to qualify, and application deadlines apply.

Apply for In-State Tuition

  • In-state tuition is only granted to those who apply for it.
  • All applicants must document eligibility.
  • Students who have not been enrolled for one year or longer, or whose status changes with the University must reapply for in-state tuition status.

Students who fail to apply for in-state privileges will be billed at the out-of-state rate. Students with a pending decision must pay at least the in-state tuition amount by the tuition deadline. Upon decision, rates will be revised appropriately. Refer to the University Registrar for more details.

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  • ODU Registrar's Office (757) 683-4425
  • Domicile/Residency staff at
  • Your military base representative:
    • FCTCL Dam Neck (757) 492-8109
    • Ft. Eustis, Ft. Monroe, Langley AFB (757) 722-8543
    • NAB Little Creek (757) 363-3885
    • NAS Oceana (757) 491-5109
    • Naval Station Norfolk (757) 440-4015

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