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Collection Activities

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Once the principal amount on an account is 120 days past due and forwarded to collections, repayment arrangements must be made directly with the collection agency, and the account holder bears the costs associated with collection efforts (collection fees).

*Late fees will be 90 days past due when sent to collections, since they are sent to collections at the same time as the principal amount.

Collection Fees

Once an account is 120 days past due and forwarded to collections, it is considered delinquent and the 25% collection fee must be paid. Collection fees cannot be appealed.

  • Effective April 1, 2011, the costs associated with collection efforts are 25% of the outstanding balance, which is the standard and customary amount for the collection industry. (Prior to charges for Fall 2012 semester, accounts were forwarded to collections at 90 days past due.)
  • Collection costs from March 17, 2009-April 1, 2011, were 29.87%.
  • Prior to March 17, 2009, the costs associated with collection efforts were 33.33% of the outstanding balance.

Commonwealth of Virginia Collections Guidelines

The University pursues debt in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the Commonwealth of Virginia in the Virginia Debt Collection Act. Virginia State law requires that the university make every attempt to collect past due amounts owed to state agencies. If, after 120 days, full payment of a debt has not been received, the student account will be placed with the University's collection agency. Students are responsible for any collection costs incurred at a rate of 25% of the total due. You also risk tarnishing your credit rating and will be subject to further enforcement proceedings. Collection efforts are costly to the student. Avoid them by paying on time!

Set-off Debt Collection Act
Under the provisions of this act, an individual's Virginia income tax refund or lottery winnings will be subject to the University's claim for any unpaid balance of tuition and fees. Any communication disputing an amount owed must be submitted in writing to the Accounts Receivable Manager, Alfred B. Rollins Jr. Hall.

University Collection Agent

If you find your account has been referred to the company that Old Dominion University has designated to serve as the University's collection agent for delinquent accounts, please contact them immediately to make payment arrangements.

University Agent
Todd, Bremer and Lawson, Inc.
Post Office Box 808
Rock Hill SC 29731
Phone 1-800-849-6669
Fax 1-803-328-8242

If an account is returned unpaid by the collection agency, several actions may be taken including, but not limited to, the account can be listed by the Credit Bureau as a bad debt, a delinquent account can be collected in full from income tax refunds, lottery winnings, or other refunds due from the state (for Virginia residents), and the account may be turned over to the Virginia Attorney General's Office for litigation. Timely payment is strongly encouraged so that collection efforts can be avoided.

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