Technology Resources for Faculty & Staff

Technology plays a central role in the classes and coursework at Old Dominion University. Students depend on Canvas, their student emails, and other technological resources to stay on top of their classwork. As such, Faculty & Staff should be familiar with these services, and use them for the benefit and betterment Old Dominion University students.

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MIDAS is the identity and password management system for the University. Your MIDAS ID and password give you access to most of ODU's essential academic and professional services. (Useage of MIDAS-authenticated services and software falls under the ITS Acceptable Use Policy.)

Leo Online

Leo Online contains your official financial information, including payroll and timesheets. Faculty will also use Leo to see class rosters and enter their students' final grades.

Two-Factor Authentication

Add an additional layer of security to online accounts by verifying your identity before logging in to ODU systems with your MIDAS ID and password.

Wireless Internet

ODU's wireless network delivers fast and reliable data connection in all academic buildings and most outdoor spaces on campus. Use your MIDAS ID and password to log on to wireless networks.


Banner is our centralized records system, allowing approved users to view and manipulate data.

More About Accounts & Access

Faculty/Staff Email

The ODU email system is the official electronic mail system for distributing University communications, policies, announcements and other information. Faculty & staff have Microsoft Exchange email accounts that can be accessed through Microsoft Outlook.

ODU Alerts

ODU Alerts is an emergency alert and notification system capable of delivering messages about campus emergencies, inclement weather and closures by email, phone or text.

Microsoft Teams

Teams is a collaboration platform that combines persistent chat, file collaboration, instant messaging and meetings in a single application.


ODU's campus infrastructure and telecommunication systems include VOIP, cellular telephone service, voicemail, conference calls and more.


Zoom is a cloud-based web conferencing service available to ODU faculty, staff and students that allows users to host and participate in meetings over the Internet.

More Collaboration Tools


As an instructor, you can use Canvas to post assignments and enable collaboration and feedback. Give students access to course documents, reading assignments and other supplementary materials.

OpScan Test Grading

OpScan testing is an easy way for grading multiple choice tests using standardized forms and automated grading.

Technology Classrooms

Classrooms at ODU are equipped with the newest and most advanced technology to help facilitate learning for students.

More Instructional Tools

ODU Workstations

With a LAN account, you'll be able to log in to many computers on campus (including the one on your desk) with your MIDAS ID and password. Learn where to store your campus files and find information about software and hardware standards.

Copying & Printing

We have a fleet of multifunctional devices (MFDs) that can print, scan and copy. You can also print to departmental printers from ODU workstations or personal computers.

Remote Computing

ODU facilitates remote computing on a number of University systems. To learn more about remote computing at Old Dominion University, visit the Remote Computing page.

Monarch Virtual Environment (MOVE)

The Monarch Virtual Environment (MOVE) provides access to virtual workstations that have the same configurations as standard ODU computers. Access MoVE from any device with an internet connection.

Microsoft Office 365

Download and use the latest versions of Office products like Word, Excel and Powerpoint on your personal devices - PCs, Macs, tablets or smartphones - for as long as you work at ODU.

Other Software

Other software titles, like SPSS and Mathematica, are available to the ODU community for use on personal computers, either free or at a reduced cost.

Software/Services Catalog


WordPress allows you to create and publish your own websites. With dozens of free, professional looking themes, extremely easy content management and a library full of custom plugins, create fully featured websites in minutes.

Google Workspace

Students and faculty have access to all Google tools in order to create and share documents, spreadsheets, calendar events and more with each other.


myODU ( is a web-based portal that provides a personalized gateway to University information and many of the services listed on this page. The portal pulls together the ODU online resources you need most, providing easy and centralized access to:

  • Faculty/Staff Email
  • Canvas
  • Leo Online (class registration, schedule, and grades)
  • University publications, event listings & announcements
  • Links to academic resources... and more.

Safe Computing

Email phishing scams and the spread of malware are commonplace online, especially on college campuses. We've put together some tips to help keep you safe online.

ITS Help Desk

Whenever you need assistance with any technology at ODU, the ITS Help Desk is ready to help. We have someone available to answer your phone calls and emails around the clock, or you can come visit us in Monarch Hall during office hours. We can answer any question you have about IT applications and services.