OpScan Test Grading

Test scoring forms

There are two standard forms that can be used for the Opscan Test Grading system.These are Form 4521 which is the standard blue 5-response, 200 question form and Form 6703 which is the standard green 10-response, 120 question form. These two standard forms are the only test scoring forms that can be used. Test scoring forms are unique to specific equipment manufacturers. Our equipment make and model only utilizes these two styles of scan sheets.

ITS does not provide blank forms to faculty or students; both of these forms are available at the Old Dominion University Bookstore.

Submitting tests for processing

Test packets should be brought to the ITS Operations Center, located in the Engineering & Computational Sciences (E&CS) Building, room 4300.

The instructor must complete an Optical Scanner Usage Form prior to having their tests graded. This electronic form will pre-fill some fields based on your MIDAS ID, so it MUST be completed by the instructor. After you fill out the form, you will receive a confirmation number and have the option to print out your cover sheet. Bring the cover sheet or the confirmation number with you when you drop of your tests so the data is routed to the proper account.

There is a touchscreen computer at the ITS Operations Center service window that you can use to fill out the form when you arrive, but for more efficient service, we recommend you prefill and attach the form to your test packet before you come so the ITS staff is better prepared to receive your package.

(NOTE: Non-credit courses will not show up on the electronic form. If you need a test scored for a non-credit course, please bring your tests to the ITS Operations Center, and we'll help you from there.)

Test packets should include the OpScan tests, the answer key, and your cover sheet or confirmation number. If you have an electronic answer key, bring it on a flash drive with your test packet. Packets can be dropped off or picked up by anyone you designate.

ITS places a normal turnaround time of "overnight" on test packets. Tests are processed throughout the day and evening in the computer room. During exam periods, special attention is given to test processing. Normal turnaround time during exam week is two (2) hours.

Access to the ITS Operations Center is available:

  • Monday - Friday: 7 a.m. to 10:15 p.m.
  • Saturday: 7:00 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.
  • There are no Sunday hours.

Hours subject to change during holidays and summer periods.

Tips for administering the test

  • Use a #2 pencil to mark a response.
  • No pens or markers should be used.
  • Do not bend, fold or tear the forms. Staples, paper clips and careless tears of the forms increase the likelihood that the optical scanning equipment will have trouble reading that form.
  • Do not mix blue and green sheets within the same test package.
  • Do not write on the margins of the forms. The optical scanning equipment picks up these extraneous marks and interprets them as data. This ultimately causes a problem grading the sheets.
  • Fill the bubbles in completely.
  • Forms which cannot be read must be hand scored by the instructor. At the completion of the test, instructors should collect all completed answer sheets. The forms should be separated from question sheets and orderly arranged by the instructor to have all sheets face up with all sheets uniform in direction. This enables the sheets to be quickly read through the machine. Paper clips and blank pages must be removed.
  • Test sheets should be placed in an envelope for delivery to ITS; scan sheets need to be protected from inclement weather as exposure to moisture makes the sheets unreadable by the equipment.
  • Test packets which come to ITS that are not arranged in the proper order will be given back to the instructor to be made ready; the ITS Operations Center does not have available time to collate, reorder and stack test packets.