ODU Workstations

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To ensure the integrity and safety of our network and the reliability of our computing environment, it is vital that the entire campus community adhere to specific computer standards. Review these standards before purchasing or upgrading your ODU system or software.

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ODU computers come pre-installed with standard business software, and we have a variety of additional software titles available for download or purchase. Before you buy a software package that may or may not work with your system, check out our software installation options.

Active Directory Accounts

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As faculty or staff, you are automatically granted an Active Directory (LAN) account that allows you to log in to most computers on campus, including the workstation at your desk, using your MIDAS ID and password. It also gives you access to shared network drives where you can store your work files.

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When you are on campus and logged in to any ODU computer, you have access to your department's shared directory and your personal folder on university network drives. You can also connect to any of the cloud services offered at ODU for storing and sharing files. Learn more about file storage options.

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From your desktop computer, you should be able to print to your department's printer or any campus MFP (multi-function printer). If you do not see your printer, or if you have any printing issues, contact your department's TSP.