Computer Standards

To ensure the integrity and safety of our network and the reliability of our computing environment, it is vital that the campus community adhere to specific computer standards for machines purchased with any ODU or ODURF funds. Standardization allows us to provide more efficient management and better service when you need it. It also allows the University to take advantage of pre-negotiated purchasing agreements that provide the best value for the latest technology.

Because it can take up to a year for us to test and implement new technology, our computer standards span a few versions of software and hardware as workstations are updated on a rolling schedule.

ODU-Managed Workstations

All ODU-managed workstations are set up with preconfigured software, settings and tools that adhere to our high security standards. We install Microsoft Intune (for Windows) or Jamf (for Mac) desktop management system to quickly and remotely apply security patches and updates as needed. We also install and automatically update the ITS standard malware protection product and ODU emergency notification software, and join the machine to the ODU domain so users log in with their MIDAS ID and password.

ODU-managed desktops and laptops are fully supported by ITS for five (5) years. This includes comprehensive desktop support, hardware repair, automatic printer connections, direct access to domain shares and internal resources, and support for cloud and network storage and backup.

Current hardware is more reliable than ever, and as technology continues to evolve, we may extend the lifecycle schedule, but for now, we recommend that you make plans to replace your computer every five years. Older equipment should be sent to property control for disposal. Work with your TSP to make sure all sensitive data has been wiped from the machine.

Key benefits of a managed computer

  • Comprehensive desktop support services provided by an ODU Technical Support Professional (TSP)
  • Operating system and software updates happen automatically each month and are tested in the ODU environment before being released to your computer
  • Fast hardware repair support provided for all covered Apple Macs and Dell PCs
  • Printers connect automatically after you log in with your MIDAS account
  • Direct access to domain shares and internal resources
  • Setup and support of cloud and network storage and backup capabilities (currently network file shares & OneDrive)
  • Security incidents on your workstation receive quick response and remediation
  • Fast support delivered in accordance with ITS Service Level Agreements

Administrative rights

If you have a justifiable business need for administrative rights on your ODU desktop, you can request access through MIDAS. Go to, click on Account Request, and ask for an Active Directory Administrative Account. If approved, you will have rights to install software and change system settings (in accordance with the Desktop Administrative Rights Standard).

Purchase a PC

To purchase a Dell computer, request a quote, then place the order through eVA (see the Dell Purchasing Guide on ODU's Contracts page for guidelines). You should also purchase a four- or five-year warranty from the manufacturer. (Additional costs outside of warranty repairs are the responsibility of the department.)

Operating System:
Windows 10 Professional 21H2
Windows 10 Enterprise 20H2 and 21H2
Ubuntu 20.04 and Red Hat 8

Purchase a Mac

To purchase a Mac, request a quote, then make your purchase through the University Village Bookstore. You should also purchase a full warranty (four years for desktops, three years for laptops). (Additional costs outside of warranty repairs are the responsibility of the department.)

Operating System:
Monterey (12.0)
Ventura (13.0)

Self-Administered Workstations

Self-administered computers are university-owned, where the user is given a local admin account to perform administrative functions. University-owned self-administered computers must be enrolled in Microsoft Intune (Windows or Linux) or Jamf (Mac) desktop inventory agent, an ODU-standard anti-malware product installed and updated, and ODU emergency notification software. These computers are not joined to the ODU domain, which means users must connect to the campus VPN to connect to network drives and campus printers.

ITS will provide warranty repair support for all covered Macs and Dell PCs as well as technical assistance for site-licensed software and operating system re-installation. ITS will also put forth their best effort to assist in troubleshooting these devices should the administrator need assistance. ITS cannot remotely control self-administered devices.

Users are responsible for backing up their data and keeping their operating system up-to-date in accordance with the Workplace Device Technologies Standard and for adhering to the Desktop Administrative Rights Access standard. Users and their supervisor will also need to print and sign the Self-Administered Workstation form. Requests to self-administer an ODU computer will be reviewed by the Chief Information Security Officer who will discuss the request with the requestor's supervisor before providing approval.

Note: If you change your mind and decide you want ITS to fully manage your computer, we will completely reinstall your OS. Also, if you install any application that causes harm to ODU's network, you may lose network access until the situation is corrected.

Need to buy a new computer for personal use? Employees can take advantage of special higher education pricing on Apple and Dell products at the bookstore and online.

Personally-Owned Devices

ITS cannot provide hardware support for personally-owned devices, but the Monarch Techstore (inside the University Village Bookstore) has an on-site computer repair center that does warranty repair. The ITS Help Desk can provide help with ODU-provided services and software.

If you are using your own computer on our networks, we recommend following our Computer Security guidelines.