Copying & Printing

Learn more about printing on campus.


We manage a fleet of Konica Minolta Bizhub multi-function printers (MFPs) in most departments and colleges across campus. These machines provide printing, copying, scanning and faxing services, all from a single device.

We also provide service and supplies, all from a single location. Contact the ITS Help Desk about any issues related to the multi-function printer in your department.

Card Access

All employees have access to any MFP on campus - for printing, copying or scanning. But because costs are charged to your department, we need your budget unit director (BUD) to approve your MFP access first. Start by filling out this form.

Then swipe your ID card at any multi-function printer to make copies, scan files to email, or release print jobs (see below for more about printing).

If you have volunteers, adjuncts, graduate assistants or student workers who need MFP access, or when costs should be charged to a different budget or grant, contact to request a special departmental MFP card.

MFPs are available to the campus for university-approved use only. Misuse of equipment and materials may result in violations of University policy.


With MonarchPrint, you can send a document to the MonarchPrint cloud, but it won't actually print until you walk over to a machine and present your ID card. This is great for confidential or sensitive documents that shouldn't be left sitting unattended.

You can also use MonarchPrint to print to any other MFP on campus. Since a print job is not released until you swipe your ID card, whichever Konica Minolta you swipe into will print your document.

The MonarchPrint queue is pre-installed on all ODU-managed desktop computers. If you have an ODU-managed laptop, download MonarchPrint from the Company Portal (Windows) or from the Self Service portal (Mac). Then simply select MonarchPrint as your printer.

Key Operators

Every department has at least one key operator -- a local expert who has been trained on how to operate the equipment. This person can add paper and toner, clear paper jams and do other minor troubleshooting. Key operators can also monitor their devices and view reports about department billing and usage.




We provide printer supplies based on MFP usage. To request additional paper, fill out this form. After your Budget Unit Director signs off, we will deliver it directly to your department.


Training is provided when new machines are installed. To schedule in-depth training for your department, key operators can email


We can monitor devices remotely and identify most issues as they arise. To report an issue, send an email to with a description of the problem.


All normal operating supplies are provided, including toner and staples. You should keep one extra set of consumables (paper, toner, waste cartridges and staples) on hand. When you change a cartridge, the machine sends a message to us so we can replace your spare.


All printing and copying expenses are charged to departments on a monthly basis, based on actual usage. Currently, departments are charged $0.0225 for black and white and $0.10 for color per impression/print/copy. Some low-volume copiers have a volume minimum in place that could result in a higher per copy rate.


High-Volume Printing

ITS provides high-speed, high-volume printing for all faculty and staff. If you have a large print job, you can print directly from your computer to our Operations Center in the Engineering & Computational Sciences Building.

Get Help

Contact the ITS Help Desk at (757) 683-3192 or if you have any issues with your multi-function printer (malfunctions, network problems, connection issues, etc.). Many problems can be solved remotely or over the phone.

Find more information in the Faculty/Staff Printing Knowledge Base.