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HR-Curated LinkedIn Learning Courses

Asynchronous | Online | No Registration Required

The HR Training Team has curated self-paced courses for specific skills/topics that are accessible on-demand through ODU's LinkedIn Learning portal. Certificates of Completion are available for all of these online courses.

Featured Collections

Leadership Collection

  • Collaborative Leadership
  • Leading & Working in Teams
  • Leading at a Distance
  • Leading Change
  • Leading through Relationships

Professional Collection

  • Building Resilience
  • Creating Your Personal Brand
  • Defining and Achieving Professional Goals
  • Master In-Demand Professional Soft Skills

Service Collection

  • Creating Positive Conversations with Challenging Customers
  • Customer Service: Managing Customer Expectations
  • Customer Service Foundations
  • Develop Your Customer Service Skills

Supervisor Collection

  • Conducting 1-on-1 Motivational Reviews
  • Difficult Situations: Solutions for Managers
  • Foundations of Performance Management
  • Making the Move from Individual Contributor to Manager

Teambuilding Collection

  • Building High-Performance Teams
  • Communication within Teams
  • Leading and Working in Teams
  • Managing Team Conflict
  • Teamwork Foundations

Telework Collection

  • Set Yourself and Your Teams Up for Success
  • Learn how to effectively work remotely
  • Gain tips for adjusting to changes in your work environment
  • Explore virtual communication tools for staying connected

Curated Topics


Certificate Available

Administrative and Office Professionals

Certificate Available

Change Agility for the Individual Contributor

Certificate Available

Change Management and Leadership

Certificate Available


Certificate Available


Certificate Available


Certificate Available


Certificate Available

Customer Service

Certificate Available

Emotional Intelligence

Certificate Available

Leadership Essentials

Certificate Available

Problem Solving

Certificate Available
Remote Work

Certificate Available


Certificate Available

Stress Management

Certificate Available

Supervisor Essentials

Certificate Available


Certificate Available

Time Management

Certificate Available

Team Building

Certificate Available

Work-Life Balance

Certificate Available


  • Go to the LinkedIn Learning website at or click one of the above content collections to go to the site.
  • Click the "Sign in" button.
  • Enter your ODU email address and you'll see a message: "Your organization requires you to sign in with Single Sign-On."
  • Click "Sign in with Single Sign-On"
  • Enter your MIDAS ID and password.

From there, start learning! You can search for topics or go through one of our curated courses above for a certificate.

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Yes. There are certificates available for most of our curated courses.

Downloading from the Course page

  1. Navigate to the course that corresponds to the certificate you'd like to view.
  2. Below the video player, on the Overview tab, click Download certificate.

Downloading from the Learning Path page

  1. Navigate to the learning path that corresponds to the certificate you'd like to download.
  2. Click Download from the upper right corner of the page.

Downloading from your Learning History

To download certificates for your courses or learning paths from your Learning History:

  1. Click Saved at the top of your homepage.
  2. Click the Learning History tab.
  3. Locate the course or the learning path you'd like to save the certificate for, and click More .
  4. If you wish to download certificates from courses within a learning path, click Show content () and click More .
  5. Select Download certificate from the dropdown.

No. You do not have to register for any courses hosted on LinkedIn Learning. These are asynchronous, self-directed courses you can complete online at your own pace.

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