Employee Relations Team

Team Responsibilities

Confidential assistance to help Monarch employees flourish

The ODU Employee Relations team provides confidential assistance to university classified staff, administrative and professional faculty, hourly wage employees, and supervisors. We can help to prevent and resolve problems or disputes between employees and management, as well as assist to create and enforce policies that are fair and consistent for all staff. We also offer guidelines designed to assist employees and managers with Performance Management, Employee Recognition, Progressive Discipline, Grievance Procedures and more.

Consultation Requests

Employees or supervisors in need of guidance regarding a non-discriminatory matter can submit this form to request a consultation with Employee Relations. Provide us with a brief summary of your concern/inquiry and we will respond to your request within 48 hours.

Recognition Program

Discover how we celebrate excellence and motivate teams at Old Dominion University.

Performance Management, Planning & Evaluation

Tailored strategies and tools empowering teams to enhance productivity, foster growth, and achieve their goals.


Guidelines to ensure fairness and compliance while sustaining a positive workplace culture.

Conflict Resolution

Comprehensive resources and expert guidance to encourage harmony and collaboration in any situation.

Grievance Procedure

Set policies an resources for taking care of employees going through a grieving process.

Managers & Supervisors

Information, resources and tools for managers to successfully lead their teams at Old Dominion University.

Employee Guides


Employee relations is the aspect of human resources that involves maintaining employer-employee relationships that contribute to satisfactory productivity, motivation, and morale.

The HR Employee Relations team staff are available to explain and interpret policy, to discuss options available for addressing concerns, and for determining available and appropriate resources to resolve issues. All assistance is confidential within legal parameters.

Initially, employees should bring their concerns or complaints to their immediate supervisor. If the complaint involves the employee's supervisor, the employee should schedule a meeting with that supervisor to discuss the problem that gave rise to the complaint. In the event, the issues are not resolved, an Employee Relations Consultation is strongly encouraged.

Supervisors are encouraged to meet directly with employees when faced with issues that call for immediate improvement or corrective action. In the event, the issues are not resolved, an Employee Relations Consultation is strongly encouraged.

Employees with complaints or concerns on matters relating to sexual harassment, salary equity, discrimination, the Americans with Disabilities Act a Title IX will be referred to the Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity to submit a complaint or file a report.

If you are teaching and research faculty, then your employee relations concerns are addressed through your chain of command in Academic Affairs and when appropriate by the Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity.

Please check out all the support, toolkits, and resources available on the Managers & Supervisors page. We also recommend the Manage Your Dominion Supervisor Essentials Certificate training program. You may request an Employee Relations Consultation for additional support.

Employment verification information can be found HERE.

Telework Policy and information can be found on the Telework In Your Dominion page. Questions about teleworking should go to the HR Recruitment & Employment team.

You should contact the Compensation & Classification team.

Please review the Performance Management policy for more information about Performance Evaluations, and contact employeerelations@odu.edu for additional questions or help.