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Chemical Inventories

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Shelf of chemical

Chemical Inventory Management System

To assist researchers and laboratory staff with managing their chemical information, Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) provides access to SciShield (formerly BioRAFT), a web-based chemical inventory management program. Users of the program are able to modify and track chemical inventory information for their labs, quickly look up chemical hazard and safety facts, and prepare reports.

EHS uses data gathered from the program to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations and to provide information to emergency planning coordinators and emergency responders.

To access SciShield:

  1. Login: ODU SciShield (Be sure to bookmark or add to browser toolbar for easy access)

Getting Started for Researchers/Laboratories/Shops

  1. Visit ODU SciShield (MIDAS ID required to login)
  2. Locate your lab (If no lab asigned, contact EHS, 683-4495)
  3. Enter the Inventory using the "ChemTracker" Tab
  4. Add Lab members using the "Members Tab". (Staff in the lab wil not have access unless listed).
    1. Students: Only those who are Student Workers are in the SciShield Directory.
    2. At this time, the SciShield directory doesnt contain all students, due to ITS security issues.
  5. Use the How-To guide below for assistance.

How-to Guides / Template:

Not just for labs

The Chemical inventory is not just for labs. Any location that stores hazardous chemicals is included. Examples of non-lab areas are those where materials such as cleaning products or maintenance supplies (such as lubricants, cleaning agents, paints, and industrial solvents) are stored.

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