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Communication Disorders & Special Education:Links & Resources

COVID-19 Student Resources & FAQ



Here are some tips, suggestions and resources on how to learn online and become a self-motivated online student. To succeed in this transition, we encourage you to concentrate on three areas:

  1. Stay Healthy: Take care of your physical and mental well-being. Stay positive.

  2. Get Ready: Prepare your online course environment. Prepare your computer and internet access and familiarize yourself with Canvas and Zoom. Don't guess. Ask for help.

  3. Be Flexible: Adjust to your course's requirements, expectations, and changes—and keep in touch with your instructor and classmates. Stay engaged.

Internet Connectivity Resources

Data Hotspots:

For internet connectivity - below are helpful tips:

  • Most cellular providers can add data hotspot features to existing smartphone service. If you have a cell phone, please contact your provider to determine if you can add this feature to your cellular plan.
  • Most cellular providers have "MiFi" devices that serve exclusively as data hotspots. This option can be pursued if you do not have a smartphone or need internet independent of a cell phone.
  • Some internet or cable providers are announcing changes:
    • Discount internet access, internet service upgrades, and some offer the ability to access WiFi hotspots for free.
  • Many internet and cellular carriers have signed a pledge not to cancel service or charge late fees during this crisis.
  • Many carriers and some government programs are also offering low-cost internet plans that may be available in your area. https://www.highspeedinternet.com/resources/are-there-government-programs-to-help-me-get-internet-service

Hotspot Carriers

How to Set Up Your Mobile Device as a Hotspot

Once you've confirmed that your cellular plan includes mobile hotspot functionality, navigate to your mobile device below to find step by step instructions on how to set up a hotspot on your device:

Apple iOS




Internet Service Providers

Many internet service providers are offering low cost or free options for students who need to complete courses online, so be sure you let them know you are a student.







Charter Free Internet Offer for 2 months

Still Having Issues Connecting?

The ITS Help Desk provides centralized technology support to students, faculty and staff at ODU. Contact by phone (757-683-3192 or 877-348-6503) or email itshelp@odu.edu

General Resources

Special Education Resources

Speech-Language Pathology Resources