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Student Opportunities

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Real World Experiences

The university's Career Advantage Program is available to economics students in four different forms:

  1. Internships - A one-semester internship allows you to work for a company or other organization part-time and receive 1-3 economics or business elective credits. A few internships also pay wages.

  2. Practicum Credit - Economic Practicums are individual or group projects, under the supervision of a faculty member, which researches some aspect of local economic activity.

  3. Cooperative Education Program - The university operates a cooperative education program, in which students who are accepted can alternate semesters of coursework with semesters of full-time employment for business elective credit.

  4. Study Abroad - ODU has exchange arrangements with several foreign universities. ODU students can take courses, including economics, at these universities for a semester or a year and receive full credit toward their ODU degrees. You pay ODU tuition, just as if you were enrolled in courses here.

Student & Professional Organizations

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Omicron Delta Epsilon

Omicron Delta Epsilon is one of the world's largest academic honor societies. The objectives of Omicron Delta Epsilon are recognition of scholastic attainment and the honoring of outstanding achievements in economics; the establishment of closer ties between students and faculty in economics within colleges and universities, and among colleges and universities; the publication of its official journal, The American Economist ; and sponsoring of panels at professional meetings as well as the Irving Fisher and Frank W. Taussig competitions.