Entering Student Assessment (Transfer)

The Transfer Student Assessment is a University Requirement.

The aassessment consists of two parts: the Transfer Student Survey (TSS) and the Transfer Biographical Questionnaire (TBioQ). All undergraduate transfer students must complete the Transfer Student Assessment after completing Orientation Canvas Course or registering for Monarch Orientation. Completion of the Orientation Canvas Course is required of all undergraduate transfer students. It is only attendance at an on-campus Monarch Orientation that is optional for qualifying students.

To locate and complete the TCI and FBioQ:

  • Log into my.odu.edu and enter your MIDAS ID and password.

  • Click on Canvas, located in the right-hand column.

  • Under MY ODU Courses, you will see the course marked Freshman Monarch Orientation. Click it to enter the course.

  • Click on Transition to College Inventory (TCI) in the left-hand menu. Read the information and take the inventory.

  • Upon submission of the TCI, students will be automatically redirected to the Freshman Biographical Questionnaire (FBioQ).

After completing the TSS and TBioQ, it is recommended to close your browser for security purposes. Students' academic records on Leo Online will be updated within 24-hours, after completing the survey.

Additional Information

The TSS and TBioQ are available on Canvas under the Transfer Monarch Orientation course three business days after students complete the Orientation Canvas Course. Students must complete the Orientation Canvas Course to receive access to the Transfer Monarch Orientation course on Canvas. Click here for information on how to register for Monarch Orientation.

Students who do not see this course in Canvas should contact the Monarch Orientation Office for assistance at (757) 683-3428 or Monarch Orientation@odu.edu.

Please be sure to check the minimum system requirements. If you do not have the required computer at home, there should be ample computer resources on your campus with which to complete your assessment surveys. Contact the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment at assess@odu.edu or call (757) 683-3322.

The Monarch Orientation course in Canvas will remain available until the first day of classes. After classes begin, students will no longer have access to the Transfer Monarch Orientation course and must complete the Assessment Request Form to be sent a link to complete the TSS and TBioQ. Students who request the TSS and TBioQ will be sent an email from the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment with a link to complete the assessments. All requests are processed within 5 - 7 business days.

  • Windows 2000, or newer
  • Internet connection
  • Internet Explorer 6.0+ or Firefox 2.0+


If you have questions regarding the Transfer Student Assessment process or encounter problems, please contact us via email or by calling us at (757) 683-3322.