Academic Assessment

The purpose of assessment is to collect meaningful and actionable data that leads to academic improvements for both faculty and students. In pursuit of the university's goal to maintain a high-quality educational experience for our students, assessment is a tool that ensures we are actively pursuing those goals.

The following framework organizes and outlines the process of assessment:


  • Establish clear, measurable expected outcomes of student learning.

  • Ensure that students have sufficient opportunities to achieve those outcomes.

  • Systematically gather, analyze, and interpret evidence to determine how well students are meeting our expectations.

  • Use the resulting information to understand and improve student learning (Suskie, 2014).

Academic assessment reports should be submitted through Weave annually by September 30th.

Top 3 Resources

How-To Guide: Assessment Planning & Reporting

Strengthen your report with our templates and question prompts. 

Student Learning report

Adapt this form to easily collect data and feedback from faculty. 

Academic Program Assessment Rubric

Use this rubric to guide assessment planning and reporting. 

Academic Assessment Downloads

Exemplary Assessment

A detailed document to help programs strengthen their assessment plan.

Certificate Guidelines

View for assistance in developing a certificate assessment plan.

Modality Data Analysis

Compare student learning between learning environments.


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