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Institutional Effectiveness & Assessment:Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

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Student on campus and Darden College of Education and Professional Studies Building

To ensure that institutions are dedicated to the advancement, innovation, and quality of academic excellence in higher education, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) requires institutions at reaffirmation to develop a QEP.

The QEP Must

  1. Focus on a specific topic

  2. Be formed and endorsed by the campus community

  3. Emerges from Institutional Assessment

  4. Have clear goals for student learning outcomes

  5. Assessed for its effectiveness and efficiency

QEP Development Process

  1. Gather data from faculty, staff, students, alumni, and employers

  2. Collaborate with Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment

  3. Compile the data and write a QEP report to submit for evaluation


Meet the Committee Members

QEP Committee Members help with the research and development of a new Quality Enhancement Plan student learning initiative as part of the SACSCOC accreditation and reaffirmation process. Members of the committee include representatives from each of the six colleges as well as the university libraries.

  • Roderick Graham - Associate Professor Sociology & Criminal Justice
  • Daniel Richards - Associate Professor English
  • Yuping Liu-Thompkins - Professor Department of Marketing
  • Elko Klijn - Associate Professor Department of Management
  • Helen Crompton - Associate Professor Teaching &Learning
  • Anne Perrotti - Associate Professor, Communication Disorders & Special Education
  • Vuka Jovanovic - Associate Professor Engineering Technology
  • Jaewan Yoon - Associate Professor Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Cheryl Honeycutt - Senior Lecturer Nursing
  • Lucinda Wittkower - Head of Teaching & Learning Initiatives
  • David Gauthier - Associate Professor Department of Biological Sciences
  • David Shirley - Resource Person
  • Megan Corbett - Resource Person

Leadership & Guidance Team

Assists Committee Members to look at the impact of the previous QEP on teaching and learning at Old Dominion University, serve as ambassadors for the QEP process to campus constituents, help solicit potential QEP topics from colleagues in their colleges/units, identify a new topic and design an implementation plan.

"I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as the faculty lead for this grassroots initiative to develop Old Dominion University's (ODU) next QEP. As someone who benefited from ODU's first successful QEP, Improving Disciplinary Writing, I am excited about augmenting our ability to collectively enhance students' learning experiences. I look forward to exploring the many possible ways of addressing students' most urgent learning needs with colleagues across the university and to fostering university-wide collaboration as we develop and implement our QEP for 2023."

"I'm excited to see how we can continue to shape and shift student learning. I'm personally interested in reflection as a means of processing experiences, as I've seen just how asking others to reflect on their learning can help them evaluate and apply what they've experienced. I've worked with faculty who've taken part in the QEP: Improving Disciplinary Writing Workshops and Action Projects to help design assignments that prepare students for life beyond ODU, that ask them to imagine how what they've learned in their courses will be useful to them well beyond their time with us. I'm excited and hopeful that our next QEP will continue to use the faculty development model that's been so successful and broaden the scope of our student learning endeavors. We're building from the ground up, so I look forward to what our campus community will develop together."

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