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Take charge of your ODU experience!

Every semester, you're taking classes that help you to learn the fundamentals of your major - concepts, theories, methodologies, practices, etc. While you're focusing on learning all of this content, who's focusing on helping you figure out what it all means for YOU and your goals?

LeADERS helps you find and complete high-impact courses and experiences that let you get the most out of your time at ODU and prepare you for life after graduation, such as joining the workforce or applying to graduate school. Then, by taking the knowledge gained from already required major courses one step further and examining it through the lens of the LeADERS areas, you are able to gain employer-valued skills such as critical thinking, interpersonal skills, and intercultural skills. As a LeADERS graduate, you'll leave the program with a comprehensive ePortfolio that showcases what you've learned and experienced, thus positioning you as a professional and/or scholar in your own right.

It's our way of living up to our tagline: High Impact Learning for a High Impact Future.


Current candidates:

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Brandon Berube accepting a certificate of achievement

Program Benefits

  • Employer-valued skills, including critical thinking, interpersonal, and intercultural skills
  • Satisfaction with educational experience and academic performance
  • VIP access to entrepreneurship, career, and ePortfolio services and resources
  • Invitations to networking opportunities, advising meetings, and more
  • Personal and group program support
  • Bronze, Silver, and Gold Graduation Medallions
  • Transcript Designation with LeADERS Experiences
  • Increased marketability to potential employers and graduate programs