Accommodation Procedures

Once you have successfully registered with the Office of Educational Accessibility (OEA) please follow the procedures below regarding your accommodations:

  • Each semester you should request an updated copy of your accommodation letter.
    • After the request is processed, the letter will be delivered to your ODU email address and the instructors indicated on your request.
  • Once your instructor(s) have received your letter, you should reach out to request to meet with them during their office hours, or an alternative time, to discuss the accommodations you have been afforded.
  • NOTE: Accommodations are not retroactive. Instructors are only bound to honor your accommodations after they have received and acknowledged your letter.
  • If your accommodations include electronic textbooks, don't forget to submit an Electronic Textbook Request Form.
  • Go over your syllabi and prepare for upcoming quizzes and tests by submitting Test Request Forms to take assessments in the OEA Testing Center.