Staff Recognition

Division of Academic Affairs Staff Recognition Program

Our program strives to enhance the quality of workplace life for classified and administrative staff through acknowledgement of excellent work and contributions to ODU.


Human Resources Annual Recognition Program
  • Increase morale, team dynamic, and sense of pride within Academic Affairs
  • Increase the flow of communication and expectations at all levels within Academic Affairs
  • Highlight the accomplishments of classified and administrative staff
  • Publicly reward superior performance
  • Encourage excellence in inter-unit collaboration and cooperation


Faculty Welcome Back Picnic

The Awesome Award program is designed to encourage a culture of appreciation and acknowledgement of small scale, yet important contributions. Academic Affairs staff are encouraged to recognize each other for outstanding service with a small token of appreciation from colleagues, supervisors and/or peers.

This informal recognition can be used to acknowledge contributions of individuals, teams and work groups. The types of contributions that might be recognized are:

Examples of recognition

  • Staying late to help someone prepare a presentation for the next day
  • Volunteering to cover for a co-worker who is out sick or on leave
  • Going out of your way to help boost morale or create a positive, inclusive work environment
  • Exceeding expectations for a goal or milestone in a long-term collaborative project
  • Overcoming obstacles to complete the job

How the Awesome Award works

  • Staff may award others in- or outside their department as long as both individuals are within the Division of Academic Affairs.
  • A short form must be completed to document the recognition (supervisor's signature of awardee is required) and receive the recognition gift. Completed forms are submitted to the Provost's office.
  • All classified, hourly, and administrative employees within the division are eligible to participate in the program.
  • The award given will be the "Awesome. It's what I do!" cup, certificate or thank you postcard signed by Provost Austin O. Agho.
  • All individuals receiving this will also be recognized during division-wide events.

The Provost recognizes that administrative support staff and faculty administrators make it possible for the work of the colleges and administrative units to be of high quality. A commitment to service excellence requires that truly exceptional staff and administrators are recognized, celebrated, and rewarded for their contributions to the Division of Academic Affairs and the University.

The Provost's Crown Award is designed to recognize two exceptional individuals each year who have made a significant impact in Academic Affairs through outstanding dedication and accomplishments; contributing to and demonstrating a commitment to Old Dominion's core mission and values; and exceptional service to the university community.

One faculty professional and one administrative support staff will be honored at the annual Academic Affairs Holiday Social in December. Each will receive a trophy or plaque, as well as an appropriate monetary award.

Award Criteria

The Crown Award acknowledges accomplishments which include those activities that contribute to the mission of Academic Affairs by:

  • Team Building / Team Support
  • Effectiveness and Efficiency within the Department or Division
  • Excellence in Advancing Inclusion
  • Exceptional Public Service to the University
  • Exceptional Contributions to the Department of the Administrator/Classified/Hourly Employee


Full-time or part-time classified and faculty administrative staff with at least two years of service to the University. Only current employees working in the Division of Academic Affairs are eligible to nominate and/or be nominated for this award. Staff on probationary status are ineligible.

Nomination Process

The Provost's Crown Award is conducted annually and is overseen by the Division of Academic Affairs with nominations evaluated and the award recipients recommended to the Provost by a committee. This committee, comprised of Academic Affairs and a HR representative, will be selected by the Provost. Only peer/colleague nominations will be accepted (supervisors may not nominate employees). The awardees are recognized during the December holiday reception hosted by Provost's Office.

The deadline for submitting nominations will be set before the end of Fall semester.