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Virginia’s most affordable doctoral university. That’s an “A” in common sense.

Award winning faculty in the College of Sciences customize graduate programs designed to produce cutting-edge researchers and professionals. We support graduate scholarly endeavors, mentor students for an array of careers in research and related professional fields, and communicate the impact and significance in the field of sciences.

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Our seven departments within the College of Sciences offer a range of graduate programs to prepare you for a faculty or professional career in STEM!

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Graduate Program Directors

Please ensure that you obtain specific information from your graduate program director (GPD) and program graduate handbook. When you have questions, first inquire of your major professor/advisor and then your GPD.


Biology M.S


Computer Science M.S.

Ravi Mukkamala

Psychology M.S.

Lisa Jonas

Physics M.S.


Chemistry & Biochemistry M.S.

Mohammad Zubair



Computer Science Ph.D.

Craig Bayse

Ecological Sciences Ph.D.

Ian Bartol

Chemistry & Biochemistry Ph.D.

Mohammad Zubair

Clinical Psychology Ph.D.

Robin Lewis

Mathematics Ph.D.

Raymond Cheng

Marine Geochemistry Ph.D.

Peter Sedwick

Physics Ph.D.


Psychology Ph.D. (Applied Experimental, Human Factors, Industrial/Organizational)

Bryan Porter



If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies in the Dean's Office, College of Sciences.

Research Activity

Our Faculty and Graduate Students conduct research in a wide number of fields, contributing to and progressing the knowledge in their disciplines. Proud to hold a "Research 1" (R1) Carnegie Classification®, the College of Sciences has been a leader in enabling ODU to become one of the most elite research institutions in the U.S.

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