Our department maintains efficient and transparent payment procedures, ensuring a smooth experience for vendors. With a commitment to timely and accurate payments, we follow a rigorous process to review and verify invoices and purchase orders. Vendors can trust that their payment information is handled securely, with strict adherence to data protection policies and encryption protocols. By providing a reliable and trustworthy payment process, ODU fosters strong relationships with vendors, promoting a collaborative and mutually beneficial partnership.

Vendor Responsibilities

To avoid payment delays, vendors should:

  • Never deliver goods/services without first obtaining a purchase order number or corporate charge card number.
  • Include the correct purchase order number on every invoice to ensure prompt payment.
  • Understand what constitutes a proper invoice. Without a proper invoice, payment cannot be processed.

Submitting an Invoice

Invoices should NOT be sent to the department. Doing so may delay payment.

Mailing Invoices

All hard copy invoices should be mailed directly to:

Old Dominion University Finance Office Rollins Hall, Room 2005 Norfolk VA 23529-0047

Electronic Invoices

Vendors may choose to submit electronic invoices to


Facilities Management Invoices Invoices for work done for Facilities Management should ALSO be submitted to

Outstanding Payments

Accounts Payable is responsible for ensuring that all vendor payments are made timely and accurately. However, no payment can be issued until an invoice is received in the Accounts Payable department AND the department has provided payment authorization.

Prompt Payment Statutes - Code of Virginia, Sections 2.2-4347 through 2.2-4356 and 2.2-5004 - promote sound cash management and improved vendor relationships by ensuring timely payments for goods and services.

About Payment Due Dates:

  • Old Dominion University is required to pay for all completely delivered goods and services by the required payment due date.
  • Payments may be processed earlier than the required due date - if the vendor's cash discount terms are advantageous.
  • The required payment due date is established by the terms of the contract. If no contract exists, ODU is required to pay invoices 30 calendar days after receipt of a proper invoice, or after receipt of the goods/services, whichever date is later.