Hourly Position Actions

Establish or Redefine an Hourly Position

To establish a new hourly position or to change/redefine an existing one, prepare the following paperwork and submit to Human Resources hrcompclass@odu.edu.

Section I must be completed to ensure timely processing of your request. Attach a hard copy of the Position Description Form with original signatures to the HR-3.

Include Position Description Form on the HR-3 form, AND attach it as a Microsoft Word file on the e-mail. If necessary, HR will edit the form and return it to you with any changes.

  • Include a copy of your department's org chart when establishing a new position.

Direct Hire of Part-Time Hourly Employees

Please see the Direct Hire Process for forms and guidance on hiring a part-time hourly employee without a recruitment.

Rehiring or Terminating Hourly Employees (EPAF's)

EPAF's (Electronic Personnel Action Forms) is a paperless method to submit employee changes for Student Hourly, Graduate Assistant, and Hourly employees to Human Resources and/or Student Employment. Use an EPAF for:

  • A rate change
  • Rehiring a Student or Hourly in the same position
  • Rehiring a Student or Hourly in a new position
  • Terminating a Student or Hourly employee
  • Terminating a Student or Hourly employee's job