AP Faculty Position Actions

Establish a Faculty Position:

Complete the HR-2000 form, Position Description, American with Disabilities Act Form, and attach an organizational chart. Submit paperwork to Human Resources.

The following forms must be submitted to the Department of Human Resources (HR). All forms and instructions are available electronically by request. Human Resources will assign a position number. For Budget/Human Resources management reasons, it is suggested that only the Budget Unit Director have authority to receive this position determination.

This form is a transmittal sheet for establishing Full-Time Faculty positions and title changes of Faculty positions. The Budget Unit Director completes Section I, signs it and has the Vice President sign for submittal to Human Resources. Note: Each signature indicates funding will be available.

Prepare an updated Organization Chart of your department. Show department name, date, position numbers (faculty, classified, wage and student), role titles, working titles and reporting relationships. Incumbent names are optional, but helpful. Attach the Organization Chart to the Position Description and HR-2000.

Prepare this form for Establishment of new Positions, and Title Changes.

Please contact Academic Affairs regarding faculty recruitment procedures.